Tech Support & BPO

At Eemeze, we specialize in equipping our clients with the resources they need to grow their business. With a dynamic team of technology specialists, we combine our passion, expertise and experience to ensure your business processes are impeccably managed.

We're entrusted by some of today's leading businesses to provide inexpensive, quality-driven business process outsourcing (BPO) services - whether it be customer facing activities or back office support functions. Just because it's not a strategic priority for your business, doesn't mean you shouldn't be strategic about it.

Our proven ability to recruit, train and deploy high-value resources rapidly will allow you to focus on the strategic imperatives of your business. Let us do what we do best, so you can do what you do best.

Our suite of BPO services includes:

  • customer support and technical support
  • managed services
  • operational support services
  • healthcare services

Customer and Technical Support

At Eemeze, we recognize the importance of responsive, quality support. More importantly, we recognize the power of listening. Not only to you, but to your customers. The advent of new media and user generated content has empowered customers in an unprecedented manner. The voice of the customer is now more important than ever. Being fast, fluid, and flexible are now fundamental capabilities needed to survive in today's' customer-centric business environment.

The challenge of providing superior customer support - in a swift and cost effective manner - is a challenge we cherish. There is good reason that Eemeze is the preferred support partner for some of today's leading businesses.

Our support team has extensive experience providing support services to a diverse array of clients. We provide multi- tiered and scalable phone, email and chat support services around the clock and around the globe. We seamlessly integrate our support teams into your existing architecture, ensuring your customers are exposed to a consistent and unified presence.

After all, what's more important than your customers?

Managed Services

At Eemeze, we understand you're focused on your customers. As you should be. However, properly managing your technology and infrastructure needs shouldn't be overlooked. A well-maintained and adaptable infrastructure on the backend is vital to delivering exceptional value and service to your customers on the front end.

Your technical support and network operation center (NOC) needs require the attention of qualified and knowledgeable personnel. Our managed services team provides just that: experience, expertise and foresight. That's just one of the reasons we're the trusted support partner for some of today's leading businesses.

Our managed services portfolio includes everything from remote, system and database administration to 24/7 automated server monitoring, quality assurance, preventative server maintenance and NOC support.

We'll work diligently to make your IT management process leaner, smarter and more efficient. And in turn, you can invest your new-found time and money into growing your business.

Operational Support Services

You may view your back office business processes as non-critical and tedious. At Eemeze, we view them as opportunities. Opportunities to reduce costs. Opportunities to uncover efficiencies. Opportunities to impact your business.

As your trusted partner, we'll help you adopt a strategic approach in managing your secondary support functions. And why not? With the potential to dramatically reduce costs and enhance business performance, that's a strategy we can endorse.

Our team of support specialists, including fraud, security, and billing specialists, leverage deep experience and advanced automation capabilities to streamline and optimize your operational support functions.

Quality and productivity standards are implemented. Error rates are reduced. Process improvements are incorporated. In other words, we'll work tirelessly to understand your business challenges and strive to deliver maximum value.

After all, just because your customers can't see the impact, doesn't mean they can't feel it.

Healthcare Services

At Eemeze, Globally, healthcare enterprises including providers and payers are constantly striving to achieve three major objectives: Improve patient care experience, optimize health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs through healthcare consulting. With managing health outcomes as central theme, healthcare organizations are striving to drive synergies in cost reduction, operational efficiency and delivery of care. However, for healthcare organizations to realize the triple aim, it is important to address inherent challenges of modernizing technology systems that have grown in an unstructured manner over a period of time. The challenges for healthcare consulting also include the need for integration of disparate systems, process and people along with optimization of interaction/touch points to enable seamless communication between different stakeholders. Simultaneously, the healthcare industry has to navigate the ever-changing regulatory framework.

Our Healthcare Services includes:

  • customer support and technical support
  • Medical Coding Services
  • Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)
  • Medical Coding Audit