US Staffing

US IT Staffing is one of the outsourcing strategies where the service contributor provides skilled staff to the client and helps the client in achieving business objectives. IT Staffing is an efficient way to get highly qualified and specialized Personnel at a substantially low cost.

We have a full-fledged recruitment & Staffing team, professionally managed by an experienced management team. We specialize in using the power of technology coupled with our expertise in human capital management so that organizations maximize their value and effectiveness.

We use a detailed vetting process to ensure that our clients are getting the best talent and our consultants are placed in positions that are the right fit for them.



Connecting Business With Talent

Flexible staffing solutions to meet your business needs, from quick fill-ins to a complete payrolling solution:

Temporary/Contract Staffing

Meet fluctuating labor needs, adapt to seasonal demand to access specialized skills for projects. Temporary or contract workers are USA Staffing Services employees. We are fully responsible for payroll, benefits and all employment liabilities.


Try one of our employees at your location to assess their skills, work ethic and fit with your company culture. Reduce hiring risks by offering permanent employment only to those who meet your requirements.

Permanent/Career Placement

Reduce the cost and time to hire. We recruit, screen and interview candidates for you, presenting the most highly qualified prospects for your assessment.

Payroll and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Services

Scalable RPO services offer options that include complete back office, Employer of Record, workers' compensation responsibility, payroll funding and administration with accounts receivable, and payroll administration only. Choose the functions you wish to outsource to USA, freeing your time and resources to focus on your core tasks. Solutions for any business challenge.