Testing Services

Software testing has gone mainstream in recent years driven by factors like globalization of software & systems development, automation of early stages of development, compliance and certifications. Studies state that the testing phase comprises of nearly 30 percent of the total Software Development Life-Cycle, and every defect found early on saves millions of dollars for organizations.

The segment today is changing its dynamics with greater adoption of SOA, web services, SaaS, wireless and mobile technologies. Each of these trends is further complicated by a more agile approach to software development and an increasing emphasis on repeat-ability, reliability, re-use and robustness. Ensuring software quality and on-time application/product release has helped testing demonstrate its business impact.

EEMEZE's dedicated practice for Testing Services helps customers on this front with its comprehensive range of solutions and services. Our portfolio includes:

  • Business models like Testing as Managed Services assuring measurable business outcomes through improved quality processes
  • Investments in Specialized Testing practices comprising of Automation, Performance Testing , SOA Testing, Package Application Testing for ERP packages, Data Centric Testing covering Test Data Management, Testing for Analytics, Cloud and Mobility, Test Environment Management etc. for transforming critical processes
  • EEMEZE's innovative solutions like Virtualization in Testing, Software as a Service (SaaS), services on lab-on-hire model, and cutting edge Next Generation Testing IPs and frameworks
  • Independent Verification and Validation(IV&V) Services focusing on entire Testing Life Cycle Management

EEMEZE's Testing Services practice focuses on deployment readiness of applications/products to ensure the client has a competitive advantage in the market by delivering functional assurance, better quality & enhanced performance in addition to greater cost savings and faster time to market. From Risk-based Testing to Cloud Testing, IV&V and Business Assurance, EEMEZE provides Testing Services in line with the ever-advancing technology landscape.

EEMEZE's independent testing services can help you:

  • Mitigate business risk
    • Get unbiased view on quality, while identifying defects that can be decisive for the market success of your software product and systems
    • Secure your applications from potentially unsafe access
  • Adhere to industry standards and compliance
  • Improve ROI by improving application quality and performance
  • Increase application availability and reliability and support more agile development approaches
  • Reduce the total cost of application maintenance and enhancement
  • Speed time to market for your software product and systems