End-User Computing Services

EEMEZE' End User Computing Services (EUCS) provide services to seamlessly transform the end-user computing landscape from its current state to a world-class environment by utilizing an analytics-based transformation approach to enhance end-user productivity and save costs. The following offerings address the critical needs of end-user support today:

  • EUC Design
  • EUC Support
  • EUC Optimization
  • EUC Transformation

Client Challenges

  • Operating in the absence of highly secure desktop environments
  • Adhering to industry-standard security guidelines and compliance frameworks
  • Managing time-consuming and complex management lifecycles
  • Coping with high ownership costs
  • Simplifying the rigid support structure to meet the SLA requirements
  • Tackling technology stagnation
  • Sourcing the expertise to build enterprise-specific systems
  • Managing complexity and high overheads of multiple vendors

What EEMEZE Provides

We offer flexible, transparent and high-quality service, and innovations and transformations. Partnering with us has the following advantages:
  • Anywhere, anytime access for increased mobility
  • Enhanced security and compliance to accommodate the dynamic IT environment
  • Converged technologies that address the need for a single device for voice, video and data
  • Effective migration and management solutions to adapt to emerging technologies
  • Private and public cloud offerings to reduce Capex costs and provide seamless scalability
We add value to the engagement with the following:
  • Centralized Remote Management Services: With the application of this service, we manage your entire end-user infrastructure remotely, from our delivery centers, allowing you to focus on core business development.
  • In-house Tools and Solution Accelerators: We have developed several automation tools and solution accelerators, which reduce your TCO as well as the time taken for the resolution process.
  • Dedicated Centers of Excellence (CoEs):Our end-user computing CoE leverages strong alliances with partners like Microsoft, Intel, Dell, Citrix, VMware, etc. to provide an entire spectrum of end-user computing services, thereby leveraging their tools and technologies.
  • White-Box Service Delivery Model: A customer-centered IT service model, designed to be "focused, agile, transparent, inspiring and strategic", provides you with end-user support services.

Business Value EEMEZE

  • Increased remote manageability
  • Reduced TCO
  • Increased responsiveness of the IT infrastructure
  • Decreased implementation / resolution time with EEMEZE' solution accelerators
  • Enhanced flexibility in ramp-up / ramp-down to accommodate the dynamic business requirements
  • Increased transparency in service delivery
  • Seamless integration of the emerging end-user solutions within the existing end-user landscape
  • User-preference-based service support (Designated Tier-1 / VIP Support)
  • Increased visibility into security, compliance and operational issues