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  • School Management Software

    School Management Software

    School Management Application Software, Which is unparallel and comprehensive School Software that covers each and every entity of school. It is an interactive platform for all the entities of School like Teachers, Management, Financial Department, Students, Parents and Librarian etc. This School ERP has been designed keeping in view the all the requirements of any Educational Institute. Now a days, owing to increase in difficulties in manual management of an Educational Institute is a difficult task, out-of-date and prone to errors.

    Detailed Description:

    School Management Application Software, Which is unparallel and comprehensive School Software that covers each and every entity of school. It is an interactive platform for all the entities of School like Teachers, Management,Financial Department, Students, Parents and Librarian etc.

    • Automate Registration & Admission
    • Manage Student Information Efficiently
    • Manage Classes, Subjects according to requirements
    • Automated Time Table Generation with a number of options
    • Transport Maintenance Management
    • Trace Students & Staff Attendance
    • Library Management
    • Staff Salary Generation & expenses Management
    • Automated Examination Management System
    • Maintain Grades, Create Grade Book
    • Analyze the Performance of a class
    • Manage Hostel Boarding & lodging
  • Payroll Generator

    Payroll Generator

    Payroll Generator is a Powerful App that generates Pay Slips within no time.

    This App features fast and accurate payslips that helps in avoiding mistakes & confusions. Just to make it accurate we considered all the slab systems of the different Countries according to the rates fixed by their respective governments.

    The generated pdf will contain all the details in a systematic and clear manner.

    Brief Description:

    Apart from three mandatory fields, we have "Add more Options"- Just click on that and you can add how many fields you want to add.

    Two fields are provided
    1. Taxable
    2. Non-taxable fields.

    Click on those and add respectable fields and give the corresponding Percentages for those fields.

    Click on Generate Pdf and Email will be sent to corresponding Email Id.

    Click on Upload Logo and you can add your company logo.

    Key Features:

    Emails the payslips to the Employee's in PDF format.

  • Hospital Management System

    Hospital Management System

    Advanced Hospital Management System is a complete package one needs for a hospital to deal with all the day to day operations taking place. The program can look after Inpatient admissions, OPD patients records, treatments prescribed, billing, appointments etc. it also maintains the in hospital info such as Wards and their details , Doctor in Charge, Departments and associated physicians with administration (Multilevel Login into the system) .The latest additions in the league have been ICD10 database, a complete lab module(RENEWED and FIXED), LAN Connectivity, Webcam Support to instanly capture patient/ Relevant Medical Images. A lot of bugfixes have been made in this version to make it more stable.

    HMS (Hospital Management System) is a comprehensive solution designed to automate the activities of the Hospital. It is designed with a easy-to-use user interface. System has the capability to administer the total enterprise efficiently manage information. The system is designed modularly. Integrating modules and adding users allows the flexibility of the user to plan implementation in phases.

  • HR Management Software

    HR Management Software

    HRM (Human Resource Management) software is built for HR departments at the small to large-sized organization that need a complete suite of HR applications to optimize the entire employment lifecycle.

    Modules Integrated
    • Human Resource Management Module
      Contains employee master, promotion, transfer, contract renewal management, employee documents and photos, awards, punishments, familty & education details, training & travel details and many more...
    • Fixed Position(Darbandi) Management Module
      Manage fixed position (darbandi) for branch, department, level and service groups.
    • Shift & Attendance Module
      Allows to manage shift and rosters, integrate attendance device and calculate attendance etc.
    • Leave Management Module
      Manage organization specific leave such as Home Leave, Sick Leave, WOP Leave, encashment and manage field work, branch visit etc.
    • Advance & Loan Module
      You can manage staff adavance, staff loan with interest, schedule monthly installment and auto deduct from monthly salary sheet.
    • Payroll & TDS Module
      Nimble Payroll is fully automated payroll software designed by Tax expert CA and IT engineers with complete TDS calculation solutions for Nepal.
    • Compensation and Benefit Management
      You can manage & calculates different compensation and benefit related employee such as Medical Facility, Gratuity Calculation/Provision, Bonus Calculation, Leave Provision and Encashment.
    • Employee Login (Self Service) Module
      Here staff and supervisors can login in web system and manage attendance, leave request/approval, staff self services etc.
    • HR Recruitment and Planning Module
      Using this utility it helps you to choose right person for right position. It allows posting job, manage candidate, resumes; short listing, interview and selection etc.
    • Customized Performance Evaluation Module
      It allows to collect performance evaluation report from different level and generate various analytical reports.